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Isen Aesthetic Company established in 2020, with headquarters in Baghdad specialized in trading aesthetic, dermocosmetic and medical appliance.

We aim to offer our customers a variety of latest aesthetic products, and we had come a long way, so we know exactly which direction to take supplying high quality products to our customers. Proudly we are dealing with almost 300 customers with yearly turnover exceed 1.000.000 $ We continually invests human resource, research and money to demands our up growing market, to ensure that we will remain in the forefront of the competitor companies.

Our Beginning

It was the beginning in 2020 with our team we had coordinate our efforts to providing all the business entities and the board network of strategic alliances a set of common services, as well as sharing one robust and strong system. we had won both the clients’ and partners’ respect and trust since day one, and has been strengthening the bonds of all kinds of relationships in the business.



Hasan Abd Alhameed Majeed

Sales Representative

Sajjad Mudhir Mohammed 

Area Sales Manager


Maryam Mustafa

Sales Representative

Ehab Abdulrahman Jasim

Sales Supervisor

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